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Counter Strike – Get Rid of AWP Whiners Once and For All

Get Rid of AWP Whiners Once and For All

by Wandeag on November 18, 2009

Hey you, yeah you the reader, didn’t you know the AWP is a noobcannon that only scared players use? We’ve all heard this a million times, but who are they to say anything. To me, it’s part of the game and has been since 1999, it shakes up pub play and gives competitive leagues a real edge. Generally, AWP crybabies also whine about many other things as it’s in their nature to make excuses for where they lack skill and respect, but for a moment, let’s entertain their most common reactions to getting fragged:

Counter Strike AWP

Excuse #1 – The AWP doesn’t require any skill because it is one shot one kill.

Killed you didn’t it? Well truth be told (and with armor on), the Glock (3burst), Deagle, both Shotguns, AK, etc.. can all be one shot one kill to the head. The M3 Shotgun can even do that when shot with a single shell in the stomach.

What a lot of these newbies don’t realize is that up till CS 1.5 or so, the AWP was “one shot one kill” even to your small toe (didn’t matter where you got hit). Consider yourself lucky that the weapon has been toned down over the years or those doorbang body shots would do more than hurt.

Excuse #2 – Drop the AWP, it ruins gameplay.

Who are you kidding? Counter Strike’s success was built off a pixel perfect shooter, the AWP fit that model better than any other weapon did. If you don’t like it; a) Disconnect, b) Uninstall, or c) Get your own server and restrict it. Till then, nobody is required to adapt to a crybaby’s playing style. We all bought the game, so why do some of these kids continue to impose and be a CS-fascist in game? Just commit virtual Hara-kiri if you don’t like it (translated in English: rage quit).

Excuse #3 – Real men don’t use an AWP.

Real men also don’t play fight with pixels and live the life of a fake. Soldier up, and join the army if you’re that hard. If you’re lucky you might get some Kevlar (sorry, can’t bind armor and helmet to a key when you’re in the middle of Iraq). Next thing you’ll hear is “Real men have low steam ID’s”.

Unfortunately for these guys, is that we’re laughing all the way to the top of the scoreboard (especially when the AWP tears through two of them with a single shot). Don’t entertain players who start off with this stuff in-game, they usually have real anger management issues (dealing mostly with the inability to lose) and/or are attention whores. The only way to communicate with them is with the kill-indicator in the top right corner, nothing takes a player out like a good old AWP. GL HF.

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BluntForceTrauma February 28, 2010 at 1:59 am

all i can say is, thank you

Cyper95 May 17, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Nothing have ever seemed more right than this in life :3

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